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Double Your Monthly Income by Starting Your Modern Tea Outlet Business With the Lowest Investment possible in 30 days.

Do without touching your savings | Do without losing current income | Start Earning Super Profits Now!

4 Intensive Sessions | Everything LIVE

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Batch start date: 18 - 21 JULY '24 | 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM

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What will you learn in this 4 Day Workshop

Do without touching your savings | Do without losing current income | Start Earning Super Profits Now!

Session 1

+ You’ll learn the 4 types of tea outlet business model & which one suits for your budget.

+ About customer segmentation strategy to attract repetitive customers.

+ How to find the best strategic location to start your modern tea outlet.

+ How to analyse competitors to avoid major loss.

Session 2

+ How to spend your budget efficiently to make higher revenues.

+ How to fix strategic pricing for each unit you're gonna sell so that you can maximize your revenue.

+ 30 day roadmap to build your modern tea outlet.

+ You’ll learn what are the major sales pillars for your tea outlet business.

Session 3

+ How to plan your strategic MENU to attract more customers and avoid wastages.

+ You’ll learn about no tea master concept to run your tea outlet business smoothly and make 100’s of sales in just an hour.

+ Full detailed understanding of equipments and specification you needed before starting your business.

+ Learn about how to get a government license to avoid brokers and consultants.

Session 4

+ Complete knowledge in designing your own store to attract more customers.

+ Learn about the “Million Rupee tea Model” and how to start 3 branches and maintain them.

We are the World's Leading& #1 Ecosystem for Modern Tea Outlets.

Here's a sneak peak on recently opened modern tea outlets

Tea Media

Tea Kingdom

Chai Mama

Chaya Kada

How will your life change

  • You don’t have to commute daily to pitch your ideas to an investor.

  • You will have the roadmap on how to double your income.

  • You don’t have to worry about your savings anymore.

  • You will become an unavoidable business man in your home town / city

  • You will escape from the money trap and achieve freedom in life from money.


I am a first generation Graduate, Software Engineer by accident and entrepreneur by choice with 18 years of experience in IT, Hospitality & Training, and Food Industry.

Major LOSS for me!

Failed in my first business, My Quench to deliver quality & an authentic cup of "Chai" which was branded as “CHAI KANTH” resulted in 40 lakhs loss and I went bankrupt.

Right from business moel to marketing, I made lots of mistakes.

- No business knowledge.

- No business background.

- Shutdown my first 3 “CHAI KANTH” outlets.


Believed in MYSELF!

- Focused on my mistakes.

- Focused on my unlearning and learning.

- Learned lots of things in the TEA OUTLET business.

- Scaled over 16+ tea outlets in less than 24 months. - Got covered in 30+ Media publications.

- Received awards from CII & TOI.

In this journey, I decided that “Why one has to start from scratch when he can learn from the master who has already gone through the same”


We mentored Satish and he opened 3 tea outlets with Low investment possible.

How we Increased the Monthly Income of Shanaveeth by choosing the right location for his tea outlet business so that he opened 2 tea outlets in 6 months

How Piyush reached 4 Lakhs a month in sales oh his Modern tea outlet using our SECRET strategy.

Claim Your spot @ ₹199 + Bonus worth ₹16,500

And for just participating in this class, you get the following bonuses completely FREE

🎁Bonus 1

3 Lakh Tea outlet Budget Plan worth ₹2,000

🎁Bonus 2

Location Selection Tool worth ₹3,000

🎁Bonus 3

Competitor Analysis Tool worth ₹1,500

🎁Bonus 4

Tea & Coffee Recipes document worth ₹2,000

🎁Bonus 1

Modern Tea outelt game plan guide worth ₹

Get Certified

Yes! You will be certified for this workshop once you submit your assignment.

Here's my "CRAZY" Guarantee

I give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll love this 4-DAYS workshop or I’ll return your money and let you keep all the bonus anyway (No questions asked 100% money back guarantee).

Just email me on your receipt and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked. Sounds fair?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and what are the timings?

4 Sessions | 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM

How much investment is needed to start my Tea Shop?

Currently 4 to 6 Lakhs is the average investmet that our members made to start their tea outlet busness.

How do you support offline business (Tea Shop) thru zoom call?

One word - Data. Our best practises include using google maps for location selection, Analyze menu items on zomato, swiggy to find the best sellers.

Can i start my tea shop business without leaving my job?

Yes it is possible & we recommend you the same as well. Business carries risk, being financially prepared & taking calculated risk is important.

What if i miss out to attend the sessions?

You can shift to another batch once if you are unable to attend.

I Made the Payment, But didn't get any Confirmation. What should I do?

That's all good. Send the payment screenshot to [email protected] & we will send you the activation link once the payment is confirmed.


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